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Maxima Examples

The Computer Algebra System (CAS) Maxima

Lecture notes with Maxima examples

This PDF file contains example files. They can be extracted from the PDF by double-clicking on the appropriate icon in Adobe Reader.

Some examples need a Maxima library to run which is also embedded into the PDF. It is located at the last page of the PDF.



Maxima is part of all popular linux distributions, but usually not installed. To install maxima and the graphical user interface wxmaxima, use the graphical package manager of your distribution, or use following shell commands:
sudo apt-get install maxima wxmaxima
apt-get install maxima wxmaxima

If your Linux system does not contain maxima and wxmaxima, download it from:
maxima: http://maxima.sourceforge.net
wxmaxima: http://andrejv.github.com/wxmaxima

Windows and MacOS:
Download the appropriate version of maxima from
the package also contains both maxima and wxmaxima.


Download the following file

Place this file in the following directory:

LINUX: create a hidden directory .maxima in your home directory (e.g. /home/username/.maxima ) and copy the file to this location.

WINDOWS: create a directory c:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\maxima and place the file there.

Start maxima or wxmaxima, respectively, and type in :

load(mathchem) ;

(including the semicolon!)

Different examples will be displayed for plotting functions. Copy them and modify them at your leisure.

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