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KKR Hands On Course - Spectroscopic Applications 2014

University of Munich           
20-22 October 2014

Jan Minar, Gerald Derondeau and Hubert Ebert
Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich

The aim of the course is to introduce theoreticians as well as experimentalists into the KKR bandstructure method and its use to calculate spectroscopic properties of magnetic solids (see the Psi-k highlight 97, 2010). Accordingly, there will be lectures dealing with the formal background and technical details of the KKR method. Emphasis will be put on a fully relativistic formulation supplying the basis for a treatment of dichroic effects in spectroscopy. The corresponding theory for magnetic dichroism in x-ray absorption, photo emission and related spectroscopies will be reviewed. Six sessions will be devoted to applications making use of the Munich SPR-KKR program package that includes a graphical user interface called xband. The various calculations on clusters and ordered as well as disordered solids, which are meant in particular to introduce inexperienced users to the field, will be guided by tutors.

The course will be held in colaboration with the COST Action EUSpec
"Modern Tools for Spectroscopy on Advanced Materials: a European Modelling Platform" (www.euspec.eu) as well as the European FP7 network "MSNano : A Multiple Scattering Platform for (Nano) Materials" (www.msnano.org)

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